Sidney Elementary teachers Allison Gregg, Libby Weber, Meagan Poe and Tammy Lee talked to the school board and audience members at the November school board meeting about the Smart Boards that had been recently installed in several classrooms.  
The teachers tried to demonstrate some of the things the boards could do, but technology was not cooperating that night, so they were left describing many of the capabilities.
Internet capabilities/reliability within the school facilities were a major topic of discussion at the meeting, with Operations Director Ray Moreland and audience member Jamie Nennemann explaining that part of the problem was older Ipads and laptops that were not up to current standards; as hardware was modernized many of the problems might clear up.  They also discussed the possibility of adding more internet access points within the facilities.
While on the subject of the internet, Nennemann spoke to the board about his proposal for video security in the elementary gym. The system he suggested would be day and night capable, similar to the present system, but with several extras. Hot areas of special interest could be defined and cameras programmed to alert if any activity was detected in those areas.  An automatic or scheduled door locking system could be set up in the gym.
Video archiving would be available, software updates would be free, and the system would be easily expandable. Board members agreed that something needed to be arranged if the gym/weight room would be open.
Moreland and Superintendent Gregg Cruickshank talked to the board about upcoming facility maintenance needs, where money would come from for those maintenance items, and which items should be done first.  
The board asked Moreland what he thought were priorities and he said the roofs and the elementary and old gym restrooms.  
The group looked at ways to split those maintenance items up and spread the cost over more than one year. Cruickshank said some of the repairs/maintenance could come from yearly PPEL and SAVE monies. He also pointed out that they could consider a bond or voted PPEL.
The board decided they needed to see a prioritized list of all repairs needed, including a preferred timeline and approximate costs, and asked Moreland to prepare the same.  
That list could then be used in any public discussion or community meetings if the board decided to talk to the community about a possible bond or voted PPEL.  The board hoped to be able to look at and discuss the prioritized maintenance list further at their December meeting.
Staffing needs were discussed, with the board acknowledging the need for a school librarian and elementary principal for the 2017-18 school year.
Hiring of Steve Thatcher as a Junior High/High School special education teacher was approved.  The board is still seeking math staff, and will need a High School speech coach, which they may share with a neighboring district if possible. The resignation of Gloria Kemper was accepted with regret.
In other business:
The board planned to address some bullying complaints they had been receiving;
The board approved the request of modified allowable growth/supplemental state aid in the amount of $165,735.30;
Board member Matt McLaren was appointed to the Fremont County Conference Board;
The board approved the purchase of an Ipad 20-device station at a cost of $7,480, and
Mike Daly and Alisha Ettleman were appointed to the Board Negotiations Team for upcoming negotiations with the Sidney Education Association.