The Watson Quilters met Thursday for the all day quilting party. Those present were Holly Holmes, Donna Whelan, Frances Nahkunst, Teresa and Jim Hickok, Linda Viets and Kay Gibson.  We set the quilt top together, just lack a few rows sewing it all together, and to figure out the corners and another quilt top will be completed. Next, we are going to work on some soldier quilts, so if you have a soldier that you’d  like to receive one, let us know.
                                                                                                            WATER WITCH
Tom’s brother, Abe, has his picture on a plaque in a park in L.A.(Lower Alabama). He witched some water for them, and the pump is directly behind the plaque with his name, picture, and story about divining water.
The reason they called it witching is because often a witch hazel branch is used to find the water. Abe uses a peach tree limb, but a willow limb can also be used. I have watched him do this, and it fascinates me cause I can hold that stick all day and it never pulls any way, let alone down.
He uses a forked limb off one of the above trees, walks with the fork of the limb with the pointed stick up in the air.  When he goes over the water, it pulls downward. Can any of you dowse for water?