Fourth Ward City Councilman Terry Moorman backed with support from the Boone City Council has begun his efforts to transform the corner of Eighth and Story streets into a community space for vendors, live music and food.

Back in December of last year, a team of local business owners grouped together and formed ‘The Green Space Coalition’ that theorized a central community space for citizens of Boone to gather and bring the community together.

The coalition has since disbanded as were the efforts to bring the Green Space project to fruition.

The idea of a Green Space sounded appetizing to each of the Councilmembers whenever the topic arose during their meetings.

On top of all of the other projects that the City Council works on daily, the assignment had more-or-less gone wayside as projects with higher priority surfaced.

The Council would bring it up, then their eyes would go immediately to the three-dimensional model that had been sitting in the Chambers for months.

It wasn’t until the first City Council Meeting of July that members had taken much initiative in pursuing this project.

Recently elected Fourth Ward Councilman Terry Moorman saw this project as an opportunity for a serious shift in awareness and attention to what he considers a, “depleted” downtown Boone.

Moorman believes that with his experience working in construction, he will be able to find the right local people for the job to make the project move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“Having this available not only effects my children, but their kids,” he said.

To add a little grounding in the Green Space Project, the City Council made a unanimous approval to alot 57,000 dollars from the Mary Garvey Trust Fund to cut the estimated 110,000 dollar price tag.

Terry is confident that the project will be a success, because it will be, “aesthetically enticing to the public with a lot to offer.”

During the last City Council meeting, Moorman was authorized to begin fundraising efforts for the project and is comfortable that with the public’s interest in the space that they won’t have any issues reaching their goal.

“All the Green Space needed was a little nudge.”

The Green Space Project will be completed in a

The Green Space Pledge

From the City of Boone, “As part of the Economic Development plan for the downtown Boone are, the City of Boone will be constructing a Green Space in the lot of 8thand Story (The Old Meyers Building Location). It will include a central area which will accommodate the annual Christmas Tree and local artist’s work throughout the year. A band shelter will be built and available to local musicians. The space will be available to rent for special occasion such as weddings, parties and family reunions to name a few.”

Fundraising to reach the 110,000 dollar goal the city of Boone is offering residents and businesses to purchase a place in history as donors and sponsors for the project.

A few examples of ways that a business can donate and earn a permanent engraving in the Green Space is a Flower pot, a public bench and a series of sponsor levels starting at bronze all the way up to platinum.

Your donation qualifies you for an eight by eight inch engraved tile which will be displayed on the interior walls of the band shelter.

Prices for each donation reward varies and those interested are encouraged to reach out to Terry Moorman on Facebook or by phone at (515) 314-1568.