Facilities Cost Management Group (FCMG) representatives warned the Hamburg and Farragut school boards that work to make district buildings ADA compliant may uncover sizable costs in the form of electrical, mechanical, fire and safety code issues.
Annette Zeplin said, "To just address ADA issues is one thing, but understand once you start work you open yourself up to inspections that could expose other costly issues."
In the Oct. 29 meeting the Zeplin and Tim Hoffman from FCMG gave the two boards preliminary estimated costs of making each of the buildings ADA compliant including:
- Hamburg middle school/high school building $940-$990,000.
- Hamburg elementary building (assuming pre-K-6th grade usage) $90-$110,000.
- Farragut vocational ag building $80-$100,000.
- Farragut elementary building (whole building) $790-$880,000.
(two lower levels for 2nd grade or older) $630-$710,000.
- Farragut high school building (not including Home Ec building) $80-$120,000.
Given that information the two superintendents asked the two boards to work on a decision as far as facility usage for the completed plan to be submitted to the SBRC by Nov. 14.   
Farragut Superintendent Tom Hinrichs told the boards, "What we're asking you tonight is what school will look like in August when we open the doors.  We know it may not be the final configuration, but we've about taken it as far as we can without coming to some decisions."
Hamburg Superintendent Terry Kenealy discussed the facility usage handout he and Hinrichs had prepared based on whether reorganization happened and whether the SBRC forgave the negative unspent authority balances.  
All four of the options in the event that reorganization failed and the SBRC denied the districts included tuitioning out 7th through 12th graders to other districts.
The two options suggested in the event of reorganization or continued whole grade sharing and SBRC approval were very similar with the only difference being  whether Prek through 6th grade or through 8th grade would be at Hamburg.
Both boards asked to postpone making a decision until after the Nov. 5 joint board meeting with the Sidney school board, saying that meeting may have some impact on decisions.  
It was agreed that the two boards would have an additional joint board meeting immediately after the meeting between the three boards on Nov. 5 and some decisions would be made at that point so that Superintendents Kenealy and Hinrichs would have time to finish plans by Nov. 14.