Prior to this season, it had been over six years since a Hamburg Wildcat stepped on to the local baseball field for a game.  
The 2010 season saw the exit of the Wildcats and the Farragut Admirals in high school athletics as the two schools came together to share sports programs, and emerge as the BlueDevils of Nishnabotna.
In the first season, the Blue Devils secured their spot in the state tournament.
In a moment very near and dear to the hearts that bleed blue, the late great Manny Martinez recorded his famous RBI hit, sending Kaleb Kahue home to score the winning run.
Fast Forward two years to 2012, and Nishnabotna had expanded from being a sports program to being a united school. Grade sharing would combine the educational institutions of Farragut and Hamburg and teammates became classmates at the new Nishnabotna High School.
'If you went to school here within the past decade, which school you would attend next year or which team you would be on—it was always a lingering question', says Drew Minino.
The Class of 2016 was the last class to graduate from Nishnabotna before its closure, and  the only class to attend all four years of high school at Nishnabotna.
That baseball season, Jared Williamson, Chad Blank ('s 2016 male Athlete Of The Year), and their teammates grabbed gathered 15 wins for the final season of Blue Devil baseball.
But they didn’t stop thinking about the sport after the last out.
Blank and Williamson, recognizing the potential possibilities of Hamburg's junior high and approached Jordan Hayes with the idea of coaching this summer.
With short notice and much to teach, Blank and Williamson were given the nod of approval and took to Clayton Field in Hamburg once more. Having played in the Blue Devil jerseys, the coach’s return would echo cries of 'Go Big Blue', but this time as Wildcats.
As June came to a close, so did the last two games of their 2017 season.
With weather conditions pushing them into the same day for a double header. East Mills and Hamburg went back and forth keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. The Wolverines took the first game 8-6. But the main event of the evening just happened to be a grudge match of sorts, reviving the rivalry of the Cowboys and the Wildcats.
Sidney won the game 10-6, but the defeat didn't taste bitter for the Wildcats.
Coaches agreed that the potential of the Hamburg team was represented on Clayton Field, alongside sportsmanship, hometown pride, and, above all, fun.
Coach Blank said, 'given the short amount of time we had to work with, I'm happy with the season and proud of the boys'.
He would find no argument from Coach Williamson
Both coaches hope to return for another season in 2018 return.
Williamson added, 'two wins, fiver losses—it may not sound like too good of a season, but it was a great experience.'