Interested in helping to get a dog park for Hamburg?
You might want to reach out to Kelley Randolph.
The Hamburg resident  attended a recent Hamburg City Council meeting to introduce the idea of getting a park in the city.
Although not much has happened since that meeting, Randolph said she still has interest in and will pursue getting a dog park for the town.
Randolph said the dog park is more for the residents than herself.
She has small dogs which fit fine in her small yard, but other residents with bigger dogs or no yard space are looking for an answer.
“They don’t break the law by having their dog run, so they need some kind of outlet,” Randolph said.
Benefits for a dog park are numerous. Randolph noted that the dogs are  healthy, happy and less aggressive when they get time in a larger green space to run.
Owners benefit too by getting out in the park, getting fresh air and exercise and experiencing the joy of bonding with thier pets.
Randolph said the parks are very attractive to those who are relocating to the area and ranks high on lists of desired amenities.
The town can also benefit by hosting visitors at a dog park.
Travelers could be enticed to leave the road at Hamburg to let their dogs run in the park and then stop by a local business for food or gas.
In all, it appears to be win-win for Hamburg.
What’s the major issues?
 Finding ground is one of them. Some of the land in Hamburg is located in the flood plain and, as a result, can’t have permanent structures.
Randolph said she has been told that a fence for a dog park is a permanent structure but noted that the fence she is looking into, one specifically designed for a dog park, is staked into the ground and therefor isn’t a permanent structure.
She said she would continue to look into the issue and hopes to find a resolution to that problem.
Funding might be the other issue. The dog park needs grant funds or generous benefactors in order to become a reality.
At the end of the day, it would seem that the dog park idea has a lot of merit and should be pursued.
“It makes sense to have it. We have all these empty lots in town and something like that would be very beneficial,” said Randolph.
When looking into the issue, Randolph said she contacted an individual from Nebraska City who was part of a successful effort to get a dog park and found that there weren’t any major problems associated with having a dog park.
Nebraska City reports that the park is simply an enhancement to the community.
Could Hamburg serve their pet owning citizens without building a park?
The city did suggest the use of ball field space for pets.
Randolph said the idea of using already existing park space for the dog park probably isn’t a good idea to get something done.
It could work as a temporary solution, she said, but added that mixing uses for parks isn’t good and that fence issues at the ball parks could create escape routes for the dogs anyway.