Winners for three divisions of royalty were announced at the Popcorn Day celebration at Hamburg on Saturday morning as Willa Viets was named Little Miss Popcorn Day Queen, Tayte Smith was named Popcorn Queen and Shirley Oakes was named as the first-ever Golden Popcorn Queen.
Prior to the announcement of the winners, each candidate was introduced to the applause of the crowd on the stage near the iconic flag pole in downtown Hamburg on Saturday.
Four candidates were vying for the title of Little Miss Popcorn Day Queen with those being Viets, Rylee Heming, Heleana Wheeler and Avery Wright.
After being called to the stage, the candidates listened as event emcee Lana Brandt read paragraphs the girls wrote when they applied for the Popcorn Day honor.
Willa, a first grader at Sidney Elementary, is the daughter of Erica Roup of Hamburg, and John Viets of Watson, Mo. She wrote that she wanted to be a mom and a teacher someday.
“I want to be a mom to do fun things like my mom does and to make sure my kids have fun too,” she wrote.
She also had something to say about her future as a teacher.
“I want to be a teacher to help kids learn. I want to teach fourth grade so that it is harder,” she wrote.
Avery, a first grader at Marnie Simons Elementary in Hamburg, is the daughter of Jacob and Julia Wright of Hamburg.
Avery wrote simply that she wanted to become a doctor someday.
Rylee, a first grader at Marnie Simons Elementary in Hamburg, is the daughter of Don and Angela Heming of Hamburg.
She wrote about her desire to become a dancer someday.
“When I grow up, I want to be a ballerina because I love them,” she wrote.
Helena, a first grader at Sidney Elementary, is the daughter of Mike and Liv Wheeler of Hamburg.
She had a future mapped out for herself as well, including a special on-the-job stipulation.
For her job, Helena said she wanted to be a mail carrier because she wanted to carry packages, post cards and newspapers.
Her stipulation on that delivery might be a little different than what the U.S. Postal Service has been known for.
“She would like to wait until the weather is nice to deliver,” read emcee Brandt.
After Viets was announced as the winner of the contest, attention turned to the high school division contest, a.k.a the Popcorn Queen.
Each of the candidates were noted by emcee Brandt for their many accomplishments in school, in extracurricular activities and in community service.
Smith, the daughter of Gail Kuhns and Roy Smith of Hamburg, has been a multiple-year participant in a number of extracurricular activities while also serving outside the school as a volunteer with the Special Olympics of Council Bluffs for the last three years as part of her community service project.
Smith is a four-year participant in choir, volleyball and in the Business Professionals of America.
She is the president of her senior class and plans to participate in speech this year.  She was an assistant in the Spanish class last year and is an assistant in the history classroom this year.
Smith plans to attend Iowa State University and major in elementary education.
Esmeralda Garcia, the daughter of Jose and Heather Garcia of Hamburg, was noted for her nine years of involvement in the TeamMates program.
Garcia worked with the student council in high school and has been involved in concession fundraisers for a number of classes. She played softball and was in the band until her freshman year and played volleyball and sang in the chorus from her elementary years into high school.
In the community, Garcia picked up trash with the members of the teammates group and helped with the Kiwanis Halloween Party back in 2015.
She plans to attend Peru State College and pursue two college degrees, which will enable her to work in microbiology and in substance abuse counseling.
Emily Welch is the daughter of Mike and Lisa Welch of Hamburg.
Welch volunteers with the Special Olympics and serves as a youth sports referee. She also gives Red Cross swim lessons and assists at swim team meets.
Welch is a singer and a guitarist at her church and also helps with holiday dinners.
At school, Welch is involved in many activities.
She has been in volleyball for four years, basketball for four years, track for four years, softball for five years, band for four years, choir for four years and has been in school plays and musicals for the last three years. She’s also been in speech for three years.
Welch plans to attend college and pursue a degree to pursue a career as a dental hygienist.
Smith was named as the winner of the Miss Popcorn contest and emcee Brandt noted that Smith would receive a $500 college scholarship along with her sash and crown.
The candidates for the first-ever Miss Golden Popcorn Queen were then announced.
Candidates were Oakes, Hallie Ferguson, Ruth Hayes, Susan England and Barb Lamb.
Emcee Brandt said the candidates deserved a round of applause for putting themselves forward for the honor.
“We appreciate the fact that they were so agreeable to do this and for being such wonderful sports,” said Brandt. “The women would like to report that their main goal is building the Kiwanis treasury.
“That’s a lofty goal,” Brandt said.
After Oakes was named as the winner, she was given a chance to address the crowd and express her thanks.
“I thank you all,” she said. “All of these women deserve to be the queen.”