Members of the Hubert Woodward American Legion Post No 156 of Hamburg honored one of their own and injected a dose of American pride into the Popcorn Day festivities on Saturday by delivering a three-shot volley and by playing Taps following Amy Apperson’s rendition of the National Anthem.
Col. Darren Thompson was thanked by American Legion members for his service during his command of the post. Col. Thompson is stepping down from command to pursue another opportunity.
Col. Thompson then took to the microphone and expressed his appreciation for the Hamburg holiday and the community.
In addition to doing a phenomenal job of putting the event together, Col. Thompson said the themes that Kiwanis picks are always great.
This year’s theme of respecting the past and building for the future definitely struck a cord with Col. Thompson as being a theme that squared up well with the mentality of the men and women who serve in the nation’s military.
“That is something that we hold dear,” said Col. Thompson. “We think about respecting the past and we think about Don Hubert Woodward.”
Woodward, the namesake of the Hamburg American Legion post, was born and raised in Hamburg and made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for the cause of freedom in World War I in France.
“We think about building the future,” said Col. Thompson. “We know that the only way we know we have a future to build to is that, when conflict comes—and I didn’t say if conflict comes because it will—that there will always be members of this community, men and women, who are going to raise their hands and say, ‘Here I am. Send me,’” Col. Thompson said.