After a lengthy process with lots of discussion that went on over a year, the guardwire went up on Park Street (Highway 50) on the east side of S-D-A High School and Syracuse Middle School.  The two-day construction project began Aug. 14 just in time for completion before the Aug. 16 first day of class. During the daytime construction, traffic was down to one lane.
Syracuse Mayor Tomas “KC” Ortiz said he was thrilled to see the project coming to fruition.  Several citizens had expressed increasing concern over the highway’s close proximity to the school. Children regularly play in the yard between the highway and the middle school which were separated only by a steep embankment with no guardrail.
In a previous city council meeting, it was noted that an accident had occurred in the last year when a car went off the east side of the highway into the trees, and there were concerns that it could have just as easily been into the school’s yard.
The City of Syracuse worked with the Nebraska Department of Roads in mid 2016 to come up with a solution to place a guard wire to protect the school.  The Department of Roads agreed to pay half if the City could come up with or split the other half of the project.  The city proposed an equal split between the city, the school board, and an anonymous donor. However, at the time, the Syracuse School Board declined to contribute to the project.
Since then, the anonymous donor who felt strongly about the project offered to pay for two-sixth of the project if the city would pay the final one sixth to which they agreed.  The guardwire runs the full length of the school’s property that includes the new football practice field by the life skills center.​