There were two confirmed tornadoes in southwest Iowa on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
Mike Crecelius, Director of Fremont County Emergency Management, said that a category F-2 tornado with 125 m.p.h. winds touched down east of Sidney. Its path was 3.7 miles long and 125 yards wide.
The tornado damaged a home in Farragut and two properties in Sidney.
In Farragut, Dee Ossian, 66, and her two grandsons ran to take shelter in a root cellar. Their house and trees suffered damage.
In Sidney, the tornado damaged Roger Snyder’s grain bin and trees. The Mike Glenn family, also of Sidney, lost 75 percent of the roof of their house and some trees. Their grain bin was blown into a bean field.
Glenn’s wife Molly and two children made it into the basement just in time. A third child was not home at the time.
A tornado also touched down in Page County near Shenandoah.
Crecelius said  a Code Red severe thunderstorm alert went out later the same day for Tabor, Randolf, and Imogene in northern Fremont County.
According to Crecelius, northwestern Missouri was also hammered by severe weather on Wednesday, getting 12 inches of rain.