A Hometown Pride project to help those in need while limiting the waste in landfills has been continued.
The Fremont County Shoe Collection Drive was due to end on June 15 but has been extended to July 15.
Members of the public are invited to donate new or gently worn shoes, which will then be purchased and redistributed through the Funds2Orgs network of microenterprise partners in developing nations.
Funds2Orgs helps impoverished people start, maintain and grow businesses in countries such as Haiti, Honduras and other nations in Central America and Africa.
Each Hometown Pride community will earn funds based on the number of pairs of shoes collected. And those dollars will benefit local Hometown Pride projects.
Hometown Pride community volunteers have noted their excitement at the opportunity to give back and are asking those with extra pairs of shoes in their closets to consider donating to help both Hometown Pride and also to help those who are less fortunate to become self sufficient.
Donating the shoes also keeps them out of a landfill.
Doug Friedli, community coach for Hometown Pride, noted that the soles of shoes are very much like the rubber of used car tires in that they’re not biodegradable.
“Any shoes that can be donated would be welcomed,” Friedli said.
With the program being extended, Friedli said a friendly competition would continue among the 10 Southwest Iowa towns that make up Hometown Pride.
“The towns are saying to each other, ‘How many shoes do you have?,’” Friedli said.
Donation sites for communities are as follows:
Hamburg at the Wilson Handyman Building or by contacting Elaine Howard
Sidney at the Fremont County Extension Office or by contacting Casey Wenstrand
Farragut at city hall or by contacting Maggie Langley
Percival by contacting Janice Chaney or Beth Leuth
Riverton at the post office or by contacting Tina Apperson

Tabor at city hall or the Fremont-Mills School or by contacting Susan Shepherd
Bartlett residents should make donations at the Tabor sites
Thurman at the city building or at the Fremont-Mills School or by contacting Jennifer Wendland
Imogene at Balie Market or by contacting Carla Kucirek
Randolph at the public library or at the Fremont-Mills School
Residents of Nebraska City have also been asked to contribute. Those interested in making a contribution can do so by taking their shoes to the Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Center