A southwest Iowa man has claimed the biggest progressive jackpot won so far in a new lottery product, known as a scratchless scratch ticket.
Bradley Yost of Hamburg claimed a progressive jackpot of $42,224.60 in the Iowa Lottery’s “Jumbo Bucks Progressive” InstaPlay game, a $5 ticket.
The 57-year-old said he bought pizza and breadsticks Thursday at his local Casey’s, 1211 Washington St., and he had $5 left over so he decided to buy a Jumbo Bucks Progressive ticket as well.
“I’ve probably bought two or three tickets in that game in my life, but that was a good one,” Yost told lottery employees Friday as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s regional office in Council Bluffs.
Yost said he was in a hurry so he didn’t look at his ticket he just checked it right away using a lottery self-checker machine inside the store. And when the machine displayed the game’s top prize, he had a store clerk double-check it for him.
“I gave it to the girl at the counter and it printed out the big long (claim form) and she says, ‘It’s a good one!’” he said.
Yost, who recently moved to Iowa from Nebraska, is no stranger to winning big lottery prizes. He said he also won a $94,000 prize in 2014 playing the Nebraska Lottery.
“I’ve been through it before, but it was still a thrilling experience,” he said.
Yost, who is self-employed, said he plans to save a majority of his winnings.
InstaPlay combines features from instant-scratch and lotto games and gives players a new option with no numbers to pick, playslips to fill out or wait for a drawing. InstaPlay tickets are “scratchless” because they have no security coating that needs to be removed to determine the prize won. And rather than having supplies of tickets printed in advance like those in traditional scratch and pull-tab games, InstaPlay tickets are printed on demand from the lottery terminal, as in lotto games like Powerball® and Mega Millions®. But the play style of InstaPlay tickets is similar to that of scratch tickets, with symbols and numbers that need to match in order to win a prize.
InstaPlay games range in price from $1 to $5. More details about how to play these games and the number of prizes still up for grabs in them can be found on the Iowa Lottery’s website, www.ialottery. com.
In other lottery news, the winning ticket in the Powerball Jackpot was awarded on Saturday night in the state of California with that ticket being worth a staggering $447 million.
Winning numbers in the Powerball drawing were 20, 26, 28, 38 and 03.