Hamburg Hometown Pride Chairperson Elaine Howard appeared before the Hamburg City Council to discuss the bids she had received for the new LED sign to be put up in the City Park.  
The proposed sign will welcome visitors to town and announce upcoming events.
Howard had received two bids, one nearly double the other, and the council agreed that the bid given by Stewart Signs appeared to be the best bet.  
Hometown Pride received a grant of $10,000 for that sign and will contribute another $2,000, and the city will contribute a little over $8,000 more, with the understanding that Hometown Pride will continue seeking grants for the project that might lower the needed contribution.  
The Hometown Pride committee also got the city’s okay to put the planters they’ve acquired in the city park around the benches by the Freedom Rock.  Alan Dovel will be on hand to make sure there’s no problem placing the planters, though, as he had been worried about them being too heavy for the new cement.  
Howard also promised that they would make the planters as light as possible by using lighter fill material for part of the planter, instead of all soil.  Hometown Pride had been hoping to get the City’s permission to place the planters at the Freedom Rock before Senator Joni Ernst takes a motorcycle tour of the county in June.